Bathroom Electric Radiator Retro Antique Copper

Bathroom Electric Radiator Retro Antique Copper

Bathroom Heating in Rustic Style

311 € incl. VAT

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Availability: Available to order 6 - 8 weeks

Brand: Waterfall

RADIATOR RETRO ... For individuals with a decided taste

The form of this radiator cannot be confused with any other model. It can make a statement in various types of space – not only in rustic, old-style interiors – adding character and style.

Electric Antique Style Bathroom Heating

Classic design in Antique Copper color, similar to Antique Marble faucets serie


Dimensions: (Height x Width, Watt)

430 x 504mm, 120W - 4 - 8 weeks delivery

800 x 504mm, 200W - Usually in Stock

1170 x 504mm, 300W - Usually in Stock

1540 x 504mm, 400W - 4 - 8 weeks delivery



Heating Element - Black

Bleed valve

Set of mounting brackets


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